From Cracking Eggs to
Teaching Classes:
The Busy Little Chefs Story

Our journey began in 2015 when Dyana and her five-year old son Brody discovered their shared love for cooking. Starting with simple recipes, they created kid-friendly meals – and memories – while they spent quality time together in the kitchen. Her other son Landon soon joined, and with that, Busy Little Chefs was born.

As a parent, Dyana knows how important it is to have quality, worry-free activities for your kids – especially ones that harness kids’ natural curiosity and can introduce them to life skills they’ll use as adults.

Busy Little Chefs keeps your kids smiling, engaged, and learning with our combination of online classes, fun videos, and safe social media that can be accessed at any time.

While our content is grounded in teaching kids the basics of learning to cook, the benefits go far beyond simply learning a recipe or how to crack an egg. Our videos can be used to build confidence in kids when they beam with pride after enjoying a meal they cooked themself. And most importantly, we introduce young people to a world of new foods and ingredients they otherwise may have been reluctant to try. In our experience, kids are far more willing to eat a new food when they’ve had a hand in preparing it themselves.

Dyana began Busy Little Chefs as a labor of love, and has spent the last six years perfecting her recipes for children while helping parents find engaging entertainment they can feel good about sharing with their kids. With a formal training in Culinary Arts, Dyana has cooked up a variety of recipes from dinners to smoothies – they’re flavorful creations that your kids will crave, that still highlight natural ingredients and healthy eating habits.

Fun and engaging activities that inspire young minds and instill healthy habits. That’s the mission of Busy Little Chefs.