Dinner Time Fun

Here are some fun conversation starters:

  • What is your favorite summer food to eat?
  • What is your favorite silly face to make? Silly sound?
  • If you had superpowers, what would they be and how 
 would you use them.
  • If you had three wishes what would they be?
  • If your pet could talk, what do you think they might say?
  • Finish this sentence: “Everyone knows my worst habit is…”

Fun Games

Have a theme
Whether your theme is being whisked off to a foreign country, or simply RED NIGHT, having a theme will bring laughter to the table, and possible education!

Play “restaurant”
Print a real live menu and order your food from your kids! Let them plate it and serve it to you, or vice versa.

Have a Dinner bar
Potato bar, pasta bar, oatmeal bar, salad bar, crepe bar, or any type of bar allows kids to have a little more control over their choices, within the realms of your meal.

This classic game was practically made for the dinner table. Have one person think of a sentence or phrase, and have him whisper it into the next person’s ear. When the last person hears the phrase, she repeats it to the group, and the person who started the game can see how close she got!

Create a Story
One person starts a story with one sentence. They can use a traditional story format (“Once upon a time, there was a huge bear…”) or something completely original (“A woman carrying a large cake was walking down the street…”). Go around the table, and have each person add a sentence to the story. If the kids are old enough, pass a piece of paper around, and have everyone write their sentence down. After dinner, you can illustrate the sentences, and then post your drawings on the fridge.

Where in the World?
Imagine everyone at the table has the gift of teleportation, but it only lasts for 24 hours. Where in the world would you go? Would you bring anyone with you? How long would you stay? What would you do there?