Star Spangled Strawberries

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The 4th of July is one of our families favorite times of the year, and chocolate covered Star Spangled Strawberries is one of our favorite treats to make. These delicious berry treats have become an annual tradition for us. Super easy for the kids to make, and everyone loves them.

This holiday takes me back to some of the happiest times of my life. My dad was so much fun, and always wanted us to have a great time. As a July 4th tradition growing up, my family (dad, mom, & sister) would hop in the car and head to Bakersfield California. A close family friend and his huge family lived there, and we never missed a year.

They had a huge ranch with horses, cows, and a variety of farm animals. my sister and I were so lucky to get to race the horses bareback down the railroad tracks , and through the cotton fields. On the way back from the ride I could smell the BBQ going, and the holiday festivities were in full swing. Food, swimming, and a big firework show right in the backyard. My dad was usually in charge of the fireworks, and he would have a blast lighting them up. Wow, how things have changed.

There was food galore, and of course lots of fresh fruit and local strawberries. The strawberries were not quite the Star Spangled Strawberries we make today, but they did leave an impression on me. They were so delicious with a simple display of strawberries, and a side of fluffy whipped cream.

Hopefully my kids will remember making these, and it will bring back great childhood memories for them. ????

Star Spangled Strawberries

Brody, and Penda had fun making the festive sticks for the strawberry display.

What we used to make the star glitter sticks:

  • skewer sticks (cut into 2 1/2 inch pieces, and use pointed end)
  • package of stars (buy them colored, or plain and paint them with paint or markers)
  • red, white, & blue glitter sticks

The strawberries are beautiful, and delicious. They’re still perfect this time of year. The peak season for strawberries runs April through June. But, depending on where you live the peak season could be different.

These two were so cute, and completely into making the Star Spangled Strawberries.

The white chocolate was super easy to work with, and the kids got creative with the decorations. The sticks worked out great as little handles with they made them.

The best part was of course, eating them. I highly recommend this as a fun kitchen activity for the kids, but the adults can have fun with this too. If you’re looking for a quick treat using strawberries, the kids love the Easy Apple Snacks with sliced strawberries on top.

Let us know if you make them as leave us a comment below.

Click here to watch YouTube video


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